Since 1998, AMG has served the Southeast, providing full service management programs. Our current customers include large master planned HOA’s, commercial developments, retirement communities and single homes. Our full time staff is always prepared to meet all your needs.

We know that board meetings, collections notices, property inspections and annual assessments are an important part of the property management process. However, we believe that true community-association and property management begins by sharing our experiences and contacts with our clients.

AT AMG, full service means knowing what’s taking place in your local area. For us, it is important that we understand and share with you and your residents, tenants and owners; the impact that changes in codes, laws and rules and regulations can have on your properties and facilities.

With AMG, clear communication, transparency and accessibility allows us to provide quick responses and concise answers to your questions, needs and concerns. From easy to use Web-Portals, to our custom client management software, AMG has taken the idea of “turn-key” management to a new level.

Why not contact us today by phone or online for a quote? Let us start saving you time, and money today: both valuable resources in our every changing society.

For more than a decade, AMG has helped customers just like you one project at a time.

Although our specialty is full service and turn-key management, we have had tremendous success working with our clients in a consulting capacity as well.

These consulting services know no limits. For many of our clients, a full service program may not be practical. In those cases, AMG can offer our services on an hourly or per project basis; helping them get the exact services they need. Some of these additional projects have included:

  • General Contracting, Renovation, and Construction
  • ACC & Code Compliance Matters
  • Risk Management and Emergency Action Programs
  • Newsletters, Web Sites and Social Media Sites
  • Title Research, Database Management and Updates
  • Request for Proposals and Bid Management
  • Real Estate and Administrative Service

You may not need everything AMG can provide; but for us, being able to share with you a portion of our knowledge and experience is just another way we can exceed your expectations of service. Contact us today at (888) 890-9938 to learn more about how AMG can help you tackle your project; big or small.

At AMG, our Accounting and Financial Package will provide you the level of service you need to keep your books in order and your costs in check. From helping you develop and execute your budget and yearly spending, to advising you on long term planning and capital improvements; we stand ready to cross every “T” and dot every “I”. Our Accounting and Financial program includes:

• Dedicated full time service team, and no charge call support
• Owner data base updating and maintenance
• Mail collection services
• Invoice management and monthly bill payment
• Annual budget preparations
• Full banking, accounting and financial service
• Written Monthly reports, statements and invoice copies
• Annual issuance of assessments, fees, and other costs to members
• Collection and deposit of assessments and fees,
• Assistance with collections of delinquent accounts
• AMG web site access for resident use and online bill payment
• Year end tax preparation and compliance assistance
• Long term documents storage
• Access to AMG repair services & 24 hour emergency call system

Contact AMG now at (888) 890-9938, or use our online systems to obtain a quote today. Let us show you how we can keep you on track, and on target to meet your financial needs.